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Upper. Middle. Lower. A ~45 min workout that works your (yup, you guessed it) upper, middle, and lower body. It really amounts to a variety of pushups (U), crunches (M), and squats/lunges (L) and none of them are all that fun. Ok, at least the Sumo Walk sounds fun.

I am consistent in my workouts at least. Monday sucked and I did about 1/2 the reps they did. Today sucked and I did about 1/2 the reps they did. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Friday is going to suck and I’m going to do about 1/2 the reps they do. I’m very happy with how my Vibrams are working. They have solved my no-traction-while-barefoot problem. Working out on carpet isn’t all that great though. Traction really makes a difference. I’ve taken to modifying the majority of my pushups with my pullup bar so that I have better control of my upper body. I have a lot of weight on my upper body and my arms aren’t all that strong, so I fail early on most of the pushups. Still, I’m pushing myself quite a bit and I’m doing at least a few reps on each exercise.

C210K day 2 tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


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Takin’ it slow

When I purchased my Vibrams the man at the athletic store told me to take it slow with them if I’d plan to run in them. They take a while to get used to if you’re not accustomed to barefoot running. I took his advice and when I did my C210K workout today I didn’t push myself for the extra cardio. I didn’t get my heart rate up too high and I would occasionally wander into the grass to let my feet rest a bit. The trail over at the Sam Peden Community Park in New Albany is nice and surrounds a pond frequented by water fowl. The weather was decent. There was a breeze, it was slightly warm, and the clouds teased me with once-in-a-while raindrops.

I used my C210K app and listened to Gravel Peril, the third of Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files books on audiobook. I found a new connection with Harry (the main character) in that I felt tired and achy (the latter from yesterday’s workout) as I ran, which is pretty much how he feels through 90% of the books. He works himself to near death at times and at other times creepy crawly monsters do all sorts of mean things to hurt him physically or otherwise. Also, as I’m typing this, I recall reading that Harry himself is a runner. Well, he does get chased by evil nasties a lot. The first rule of dealing with zombies is Cardio afterall!

The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons… were the fatties. – Columbus (from Zombieland)

That’s all for today. Time to make a sammich and work on my dissertation.

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