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When It Rains

I did not run today. The Ohio river is at or above flood stage and getting worse. Basically, it has been raining/storming almost constantly for the better part of 2 weeks and doesn’t look like it’s going to give up anytime soon. I run outside. You do the math.

I plan on trying to fit in a run tomorrow to keep with the schedule, but barring that, I should find some time next week as I travel to western Kentucky and hopefully dryer weather. I’m a lot more lenient on myself with my workout this time around. If I’m off by a day or even a few days it isn’t that big of a deal. I’m still exercising and I’ll complete the program eventually. I’m not working against a deadline or anything.

I’m still a running noob. I don’t have a rainy day alternative to running other than perhaps doing  a cardio video from P90M, but even then I’m just sweating, I’m not improving my running stamina/skill/tolerance. I’m more interested in that than losing a few pounds (though the latter would be nice too). I’m looking for a free alternative to running in the rain if anyone can recommend one. A gym or the Y come to mind, but they don’t fit with the “free” requirement. If I was going to pay to join a gym or go to the Y I would just do those things rather than workout at home. Hell, I could even get some swimming in in that case. Talk about your cardio! Digress. So yeah, any recommendations about places that I can run or even simulate running (e.g., treadmill) on days when cats and dogs and all manner of house pets are falling from the skies are very welcome. FREE PLACES. I’m broke afterall.

In other news, I have been issued a challenge. A peer of mine has challenged me to a weight off (well, it sounded clever as I typed it). She is working out to meet a goal and when she found out I had started working out she issued me a challenge. The specifics are still in discussion, but it involves money paid to the victor determined by who has lost the highest percentage of weight over a given time. It looks like about a 75 day time frame and a $25 buy in. She’s also trying to get a few other people involved to sweeten the pot. I’ll update once the terms are agreed upon (gosh, I sound so formal).

That’s all for tonight. Easter is tomorrow. I will do my best not to gorge, as is tradition during holidays. I foresee a big ol’ plate of leftovers coming home with me in any case.


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Upper. Middle. Lower. A ~45 min workout that works your (yup, you guessed it) upper, middle, and lower body. It really amounts to a variety of pushups (U), crunches (M), and squats/lunges (L) and none of them are all that fun. Ok, at least the Sumo Walk sounds fun.

I am consistent in my workouts at least. Monday sucked and I did about 1/2 the reps they did. Today sucked and I did about 1/2 the reps they did. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Friday is going to suck and I’m going to do about 1/2 the reps they do. I’m very happy with how my Vibrams are working. They have solved my no-traction-while-barefoot problem. Working out on carpet isn’t all that great though. Traction really makes a difference. I’ve taken to modifying the majority of my pushups with my pullup bar so that I have better control of my upper body. I have a lot of weight on my upper body and my arms aren’t all that strong, so I fail early on most of the pushups. Still, I’m pushing myself quite a bit and I’m doing at least a few reps on each exercise.

C210K day 2 tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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I take it all back!

This morning showed me just how out of shape I really am. I did the Sculpt 5-6 workout from P90M, which I am at least familiar with and have completed before, and it sucked a lot. I completed each of the exercises, but didn’t come close to some of the reps. I’m talking maybe 8-10 reps when I have rocked 10-15 reps in the past (all exercises and weights being equal). Also, I opted for lighter weights for the time being so as not to hurt myself. I did several modified exercises and on some of the pushup exercises I was only able to do 3-5 reps. I will be upping the weight on several individual exercises and pushing for an extra rep or two on others next time. I’m still really getting used to the process again. It like falling off a bike. Or was it like riding a bike. I forget.

Even with this modified effort I still feel exhausted. I don’t ache (that’ll be tomorrow’s fun), but I definitely felt the difficulty of the exercises. I wobbled a lot and felt like my arms were made of lead during my shower. Ugh. I didn’t have any cardio problems, which is unsurprising since this is primarily weight training. I pushed myself during the warm up though, which included some cardio. Not too bad. Overall, I felt done after 30 minutes and was a little sad about having about 15 more minutes to go. Gotta learn to pace myself I guess.

In other news, I am satisfied with the performance of my Vibrams. They did exactly what I expected of them by providing more traction than bare feet on the carpet (sadly, I have to work out on carpet due to the layout of the apartment), while allowing for flexibility and balance from a barefoot workout. So far so good.

I start C210K tomorrow: 7 reps of running for 30 seconds and walking for 4 minutes 30 seconds. I think I may check out the park over by Walmart in New Albany for a trail or track. Prolly not a good idea breaking in the shoes on the random bits of everything found along the road until I am more comfortable with barefoot running in general and the feel of surprise rocks under my feet (ouch!).

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