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When I thought about doing P90X a few months ago I wanted to write out the routines on a calendar so I could cross them off as I completed them. Basic behavior modification. I asked my wife to pick up a calendar for me and when she asked what I wanted on it I told her “whatever is fine.” And so I have an “Extraordinary Chickens” calendar upon which I track my progress.

It now has 7 X’s on it πŸ™‚

I made it through the first week of P90X and did pretty well. I’m still getting used to eating differently. I generally eat lots of carbs and not enough protein in any given week. I’m good with veggies and fruit though (thanks to my wife). In order to really have enough energy to do this program I need more protein. I don’t do any of the supplements or drinks. For one, they’re expensive, and for two, I’m not trying to build myself up to be this awesome bodybuilder or anything. Yes, I know I’m missing out and my body is probably missing out, but I take my multivitamin and now a glucosamine supplement (recommended by a friend since I’m having knee trouble this week). My nutrition and vitamin intake are in the spirit of the program and for now that is good enough for me.

My biggest hurdles so far in the program are yoga and abs. Abs are just plain brutal. I’m doing 12-15 reps for each exercise (instead of the 25) and it’s all I can do for now. As for yoga, I’m just not all that flexible and I have a belly, which gets in the way and has more than once caused me to fall over. Plyo isn’t the monster I thought it was. I can mostly keep up and I try to push myself a bit more each time. I’m getting better at pull ups and, honestly, I’m doing mostly adjusted versions of many of the exercises at the moment to get some benefit and learn the routines. It does me no good to do 3/4 a pull up without a chair when I can do 5-10 with a chair (and I always try to do at least one without the chair each time). That’s my best right now and I’m not sad about it.

Kempo X is probably my new favorite thing. I enjoyed the punches and kicks when I did P90 back in the day and this is a high pace version of that. I’m still learning form, but I can keep up intensity, which is something I can’t do on any of the other programs.

In other news, Fantasy Football starts up soon. I’ve tinkered around a bit this weekend and plan to read up on the guys this year during the week. I’m hoping to find enough people (read: people I know) to start my own league this year. I’m sure I can cobble together 7-9 people to make it happen. Updates on that progress later.

I finish my internship in <1 month. After that I will be finishing my dissertation and hopefully finding a job. I’m applying to a lot of places this weekend and next week. I hate not having a plan and feeling like I have little control over what happens to Maggie and the cats and me for the next 3-4 months. All I know is that by the end of the year I will be graduated. There’s also a small chance that we’ll all be homeless. Now accepting donations.


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Out of Shape

Well, I can’t really say that I’m out of shape–I’m a nice round shape actually. But I’m going to do something about it starting this week. I have several toys to help me with this. Here’s the plan.

1. I got me some apps. I got a fitness tracker app for keeping track of my P90 progress and a Couch to 10k (C210k) app. Both are ~90 days, 12-13 weeks. The former will prolly help me more with P90X once I get fit enough to pass the introductory test (it’s sad, really). I say that because the exercises are already programmed in (for the most part) but the exercises I’m gonna be doing (from P90M) are prolly not programmed in, so I’ll have do do that myself.

2. I got me some new kicks. Vibrams are apparently really hard to come by. If you find the ones you want in your size, buy them. You’re prolly not gonna find them in your color though. The guys at the running stores (plural) I visited said the manufacturers are way behind on production due to the ridiculous demand. The Komodos (see below) are only sold in stores, not online. Also, they didn’t have my color 😦 Still, I wore them for a little while today and they felt great. I don’t think they’ll work very well as all-day-long shoes, but for 1-2 hours they’ll be fine. Everyone said to take them a bit slow when you first start out exercising with them so your feet can adjust. I can attest to that after walking on them for several hours. Still, I like how sensitive my feet are to the ground while wearing them. I walked across cobblestone and could feel the subtle differences in each stone.

Man I have hairy legs.

3. I got me a running partner. Sort of. John wants to run, even though no one will be chasing him, and he thinks the C210k might just do the trick. I see it as running for noobs. It takes the guesswork out of trying to get into running and challenges you quickly. Plus, the app I have is both idiot proof and allows me to listen to my iPhone/Pod. Also, come on. Couch to 10k. It is an exercise program that has the word “couch” in it. I can’t think of a more clear starting point. Anyway, running with a buddy is a bit more motivating, but even without a buddy, I got lots of books on tape. Dresden Files FTW. I’m on book 3 of 12 and book 13 comes out in July. I got some catching up to do (fyi, I am rereading them).

So here’s the plan. Pretty simple. I’m gonna do the P90M program, which is a step up from the P90 program I finished months ago, without the cardio. This program is very unorganized (the other P90 programs have excel files to track progress for crying out loud) and I had to track down a recommended schedule. The result is that I’m going to alternate Sculpt 5-6, Upper Middle Lower, Core Cardio, and (stab me) Plyometrics so as to challenge myself like the other programs do (3 weeks heavy, 1 week light, last month hell). I’ll do three of these videos each week alternating days with C210k. I’m thinking MWF weight training and TThSa C210K.

I am currently 225lbs. Yup, you read that right. When I finished this up last time I was 204lbs. Backsliding with a deficit of 21lbs. For shame. I can do 3/4 of a pull up (the P90X intro expects men to be able to do at least 3) and my pushups fail around 20 or so. I have no idea about my other measurements or my heart rate. I don’t feel the need to get bogged down in details until I’m actually doing P90X.

Tomorrow starts the suck. Be prepared for updates with me whining about how much I ache. It’s gonna happen.

EDIT: Wow. I must have been in a mood. I wrote “I got” a lot in this post. Whatever. I’m excited and a bit silly. No judging.

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I am well on my way to collecting data for my dissertation. I have acquired IRB approval at Spalding and I’m awaiting approval at 4 other universities. Funny, the one in North Carolina is much more on their game than the local ones in Louisville. I have printed all of the documents I need and will be stuffing packets this week. I also need to purchase a couple of things, including a locking document box (which are harder to find than you might think) and an external hard drive (multipurpose since I need to back up my compy anyway). Other than that, I need to track down participants and get to it.

Friday is Match Day. I will know then where I will be for internship (or if I need to freak out a whole bunch). I’ll be glad to have an answer either way. I’m tired of waiting. I’m growing impatient for my future. I’d like to be able to say with some certainty where I will be in a year.

I have started to consider my health again. This time last year (give or take a month) I began exploring P90 and doing Sparkpeople. I’ve left the latter in the dust, but I have strong intentions to restart the former. I am 225 lbs–the heaviest I’ve ever been. Internship interviewing and all of the stress from these past few months have led to more stress eating and a tendency to want to sit and veg at the end of the day. I turn 29 in 10 days and I’d like to be healthier on for my 30th birthday than I will be on my 29th. Part of that means eating healthier and part of that means exercising regularly. I plan to jump start this process sometime in the next couple of weeks by kicking my own ass with P90X. I also intend to begin paying more attention to what I consume. Portion size is a problem as is eating when I’m not really hungry. I plan to reduce the number of times I eat fast food and how frequently I eat greasy/fried foods in general. I hardly ever drink soda anymore and I have been increasing my water intake, so I do have something to show for myself. I’d like to get back down to between 165 lbs and 175 lbs. Online BMI calculators are telling me 160-176 for a medium frame and 129-169 (BMI 19-25) for my ideal body weight. Honestly, once I’m down past 200 I’ll be happy.

Let’s see, what else? I get to visit Maggie in a couple weeks for a couple weeks. My spring break and hers bunch up against each other, so it’ll make for a nice mid semester vacation. It won’t be all play though. I will be gathering data for my dissertation at her school while I’m there. I should be visiting her from around the 7th to the 19th of March. Really looking forward to it, I must say.

That’s all for now.

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It has been quite some time since I last posted. I can blame it on whatever, but suffice it to say I have neglected this blog. I intend to remedy that, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. I’ve said I will be more consistent before and look where that got me. I’m off Spark People and off P90. Let’s just take this one post at a time, shall we?

Tomorrow I embark on a 5 day, 1,800 mile road trip. This is the first leg of my internship interviews with a phone interview on Monday and 4 consecutive days of on-site interviews through Friday. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monday – Drive with Maggie to Atlanta, GA with a stop in Nashville to meet Lauren for lunch and conduct my 60 minute phone interview with XXXXX
  • Tuesday – Interview at XXXXX in Atlanta then drive to Boone, NC
  • Wednesday – Interview at XXXXX in Boone, then drive to Greensboro to drop off Maggie, have lunch with Carl in Burlington, and drive all the way out to Hampton, VA where I am told a friend of a friend of Maggie’s, who happens to be a Sinfonian, will put me up for the night
  • Thursday – Interview at XXXXX then drive ~10 hours to Lexington, KY to crash with my mother-in-law
  • Friday – Interview at XXXXX then drive home to Louisville

I have 2 interviews on the 11th (one phone and one Skype), an on-site interview in White River Junction, Vt on the 19th, an on-site interview in Salisbury, NC on the 21st, and another phone interview that has yet to be scheduled. In all, I have 10 interviews, and in case you’re wondering, I’ve redacted the site names for now because it is easy to do a Google search on my name and find this blog.

That being said, I plan to update throughout the month of January about my experiences during internship interviews. I’ll talk about the time spent in different cities (the ones I travel to anyway) and my general thoughts about the process. Once the match process is past in March, I’ll share more about my experiences at sites. During the process, however, I will be careful not to talk about specific sites and will only give my general impressions about my experiences. My goal is to keep friends and family informed about my travels and offer some general advice to people going through this process. I will not be talking about matching, ranking, or fit with sites in this blog. This is a big internship no-no. APPIC Match Policy states: “Participants in the APPIC Match, including applicants and internship programs, may not communicate, solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information pertaining to either Phase of the Match prior to the release of the results for Phase II of the Match.” There is an outside chance the sites I’m interviewing with will/have Google(d) me and I don’t want to imply fit or ranking status here.

This is a big step and a busy month for me and I simply want to share it with my readers. Following match in March, I will post a list of all the sites to which I applied, but I will refrain from writing about my interviews and experiences with each site. I will provide contact information if you are interested in hearing about my experience at a particular site. You can also message me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/jason.schwenker).

That’s all for now. Expect more updates this week and the rest of January. Once the interviewing is over I’ll prolly start back up with P90X. I have too many things going on now whooping my butt mentally and emotionally to add something that will do so physically. Also, I don’t have a pull-up bar and I’m not ready to limit my intake of comfort foods.

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It has been a month since my last post and I have almost nothing to show for it. I have finished my GA but my motivation for just about everything else has gone south. I’ve put off schoolwork and dissertation work, and I have been following my workout only intermittently. I will do better this month.

I’m in the process of getting all of my feedback from Chapter I of my dissertation. So far I’ve heard good things. I have 3 assessments to complete (2 reports and 1 yet-to-be-referred referral). I have less than a month left at my practicum. I will take the rest of July to complete Chapter II of my dissertation and will hopefully start collecting data in August.

As for my workouts, I will begin P90M anew next week and continue to eat better (I’ve been introducing more fruits into my diet and trying to cut my portions down). I’ll post my 30 days pic after I’ve successfully completed my 30 days.

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P90 Master Series

I started P90M a little early. I wanted to start it at the beginning of the week and at the beginning of the month, so I cut off the last few days of P90 to start early. Honestly, I was really tired of doing the same 2 routines for 6 weeks and I’m looking forward to more variety in P90M. Sadly, the first 3 weeks are still the same 2 routines (new to me though!). I’ve done both routines once and they’re going to take a bit of getting used to. There is slightly more yoga in this one and a lot more leg exercises (or at least more intense to me). I’m not expected to do thousands of pushups, but the ones I’m expected to do are (obviously) harder.

One thing that I really like about P90M is that I start the system (common in P90X) of setting small goals verbally during the workout. It is stressed to do what I can and not try to keep up with the video, which is good because I can’t keep up. Setting a goal of 8-12 or 10-15 or whatever varies a lot with these new workouts and I realize I’ve been doing more reps with fewer weights, which isn’t what I wanted (though it is easier in my opinion). The videos do a great job of telling me about how many reps are expected so I can set my own goals. This sort of system works for me. I do, however, need to buy a few things for this new workout. I need more weights because 10s aren’t doing it for me and I only have 1x 15lb. Also, I may get 2x 3lb weights for the shoulder exercises because the 5lb weights are brutal (right now I’m using canned goods instead of weights).

Abs are still killing me. I’ve actually skipped them a couple times, which isn’t helping my case. I’ve started altering when I do them and rarely do them directly after my workouts (usually because I’m really tired already). I’ve done them about 1hr before bed on a couple of occasions and this seems to be fine. Still working on setting up a routine that works for me, which has changed since Summer has changed my schedule.

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My vacation was quite relaxing. I spent a week in North Carolina visiting my wife and Carl & Courtney. While most of the week was low key and included hanging out, watching movies, and playing Wii with my brothers-in-law, I also got to see Maggie perform and went adventuring. Really, though, it is the adventuring I wanna write about.

On Thursday the four of us went on a zipline tour using a groupon. It was a lot of fun zooming across a shallow valley and down a hill on a zipline, lemmie tell you. I was sad that they wanted to charge $30 for the 2,000 foot zipline from the top of the hill to the bottom. I’d have paid $20, but $30 was a bit steep (no pun intended) in my opinion.

Following the zipline, the girls hung out in Boone, NC, pampered themselves and met a bunch of people at a local bar. They had a lot of fun so I hear. Carl and I, on the other hand, went for a hike. A 7 mile round trip hike up Grandfather Mountain that was advertised to take about 3.5 hours buy took us about 5.5 hours. It was a very strenuous hike up about a mile or 1.5 miles up the mountain that included inclines mostly between 30 and 45 degrees, though at one point we were climbing almost straight up for about 0.5 a mile. The view at the top was worth it. Prolly one of the best scenic views I’ve seen in my life. Too bad my phone/camera was dead at the time. I’m hoping Carl will post the camera pics on Facebook.

Anyway, after I dropped our remaining water bottle down the hill from the summit (leaving us without water for the trip down) we began our race down the mountain against the sunset. I was surprised at how quickly we did it, though the last mile was pretty much in the dark. Our knees and ankles were aching pretty badly (and still are today) but we were highly motivated to get back having not only encountered bear poo on the trail, but hearing it growl at us from somewhere off the trail… The girls asked us what took so long and told us they thought we “got et by a bear.” Ha ha ha. Funny story about that….

I did a little math the next day and figured out that the hiking trip burned about 4,000 calories. According to P90, I burned just over a pound of fat on that hike. Yikes.

So, overall a great vacation. I feel quite a bit refreshed. Now back to my usual week with a busy schedule ahead of me.

EDIT: Added a few pics:

Before the Zipline


Little Waterfall

I like this pic

The 7 mile hike, grueling as it was, was totally worth it

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