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I’ve had a livejournal for years, mostly just for friends, but it occurred to me that I don’t update it all that frequently. I played with wordpress when I was writing a blog for my GW character (yes, I understand how sad it is that I updated that blog more regularly than the one about my real life). I really like the format of wordpress and I think I will move here and start over.

I’m making several changes in my life and I figure I should document them somehow. I will update this week about the progress on my PsyD, dissertation, internship, and other school related things. I will also update on my efforts to get healthier. I figure, since I’m starting a routine with working out and eating regularly, it can’t be too hard to update a blog on a regular basis.

That’s enough of an intro I guess. I need to update my “about” page and talk about what I want to, well, talk about on this blog. I intend to utilize this blog as a way for people to keep in touch with me and what I’m up to, as well as a forum for my random thoughts and interesting internet findings. I’d love to promote discussion, but I’m not sure who will be reading and, well, I’ve never done this sort of thing full out before. Wish me luck.


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