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One Month

I have finished one month of running 30+ minutes daily. I keep daily/weekly/overall updates on my running tab at the top of the page if you want to follow along with my progress.

Here’s the results for 1 month:

Miles Run | Total Time | Average Pace | Calories Burned | Overall Weight Loss

70.21 miles | 15:39 h:m | 14.10 avg pace | 10,701 calories | 6.2 lbs lost

Not too shabby. I’ve lost over 8lbs but I gained some back this week. I’m not sure what to think of that. My “fat %” as calculated by my scale says I’ve gone from 30% to 27% in the last month (I’ve been keeping an eye on it, but not tracking it per se). Maggie says my calves are looking bigger, so maybe I’ve gained some muscle? Also, I only track my weight on Sunday mornings, not daily.

Also, also, I kinda ate like crap this week. Gonna work on that.

So what have I learned in the first month (28 days)?

Be Flexible

Stretching is of course important. I’ve added several stretches to my routine since I started and they seem to be helping. But stretching is not the only way to be flexible. Some days when I want to run outside the weather is bad. Some days people are hogging all the machines in the gym. Some days I just don’t have enough energy to do the run I set out to do. I used to sweat this sort of thing, but that’s why I set such a simple goal of 30 minutes. The how doesn’t matter to me so much as the how long.

Run Early

The later in the day it gets, the less I feel like running. I haven’t tried to run in the mornings before work, but I try to do earlier runs on the weekends and I usually run as soon as I get home from work. It keeps me from waiting too long. In the past, if I waited too long, I didn’t do my workout. That’s still the case, though I’m committed to this goal.

Hills, hills, hills

As much as hills sound like no fun, I’m having fun with them. Weird, right? I see hills as a challenge when I’m running in the park. I run up them at a steady pace. If I’ve been walking a bit, I run up the next hill. Downhill is less fun. I feel like I’m getting away from myself and my shins hurt more when I descend than when I ascend. I’ve gotten some tips from other runners on this, but mostly I’m trying to increase my leg strength and manage leg fatigue. That’s where I get myself in trouble.

On the elliptical it is a different matter. The elliptical I run on has hill settings that go from 1-25. So far, for me, anything 12+ is a workout. I always set the elliptical to either random or hills to try to simulate actual elevation changes. Lately I’ve been using the elliptical less for running and more for strength training and low intensity. I can get in 30 minutes easy. It is nice because of the lack of footstrike and since I’m running daily (rather than taking a day off here and there) I can use the low intensity to still get a workout without tiring myself out or injuring myself.

What Next?

I have about 2 months to go. From here I’m going to start looking into more strength training for my legs through exercises and stretches. I’m going to pay more attention to my appetite/food portions and continue to eat more veggies. I am also going to look into alternate routes to mix things up a bit.

So that’s my first month. Wish me luck in the weeks to come. I’m thankfully injury free and I’ve gotten past much of my shin pain. Looking forward to 2 more months of good running.


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