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Quick update about each team and then I gotta talk about two things from this week.

Team Ramrod (5-1; 1/7)

Win. First Place. Trophy Leader.

West Chester Disasters (5-5; 6/10)

Loss. Lost by less than 1 point.

Player Slayers Bangup Job (2-8; 10/10)

Win, but see below.

No More Rowdy Friends (7-3; 3/12)

Win. Nothing fancy.

Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood (7-3; 2/10)

Loss.  Lost to other top team and dropped out of first. Tied for first in trophies.

Schaden Freuds (8-2; 1/8)

Win. Pulled it out of the fire thanks to the Packers.

Wideout Army (6-4; 5/10)

Lost. It hurt too.

Surly Goblins (4-6; 8/12)

Win. Squeaker. I won by 0.2 points. It was a nail biter the whole way.

Overall (44-32; 58%)

Stayed the same percentage as last week.

Ok here’s the news:

1. Matt Schaub is out for the season. This affected 4 of my teams. This late into the season, the only QBs are wildcards. I was lucky enough to have replacements for 3 of my teams, but I had to start bartering and surfing the waivers for the fourth. I picked up Carson Palmer for the Goblins. He’s been relatively reliable as of late and his schedule for the rest of the season is pretty nice. I have to laugh because the headline on ESPN right now reads: “Are you in need of a top-10 quarterback? Then let Carson Palmer be your late-season fantasy savior.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

2. What do Peyton Manning (QB), Jon Beason (LB), Eric Berry (S), Thomas Davis (LB), Jamaal Charles (RB), Mike Sims-Walker (WR), Danny Amendola (WR), Earnest Graham (RB), Matt Schaub (QB), Antoine Winfield (CB), and Knowshon Moreno (RB) all have in common? Two things: they are all out for the season on injured reserve (IR), and they all were dropped from the same fantasy team. You might have noticed the change in team names once again. That’s right. The Philadelphia Noobs became Bangup Job and are now Player Slayers. I mean, really, that’s 11 players out for the season from one team (so far). Two QBs, 3 RBs, 2 WRs, and 4 defensive players. Add a TE, K, and DL and I’ll have someone from every roster slot. The only thing keeping my team afloat (and accounting for my 2 wins) are a combination of a strong IDP defensive setup, luck, and poor performances by players on the opposing teams.

Running Back Challenge

Stepping it up. Currently 275/849, for 32% (up from 19% last week). I’m trying to do 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week. I’ve been somewhat consistent so far, but the weather and exhaustion from work are sapping my motivation. I’m hoping to catch him before playoffs.


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I miss my Memaw

My grandmother (read: memaw) passed away the first of this month. She lived 79 great years. I’ve been putting off writing a post about it because it’s still bothering me from time to time. It sneaks up and *surprise!* I’m crying. I’m doing grief work with a couple of my clients this week too, so that’s adding to it.

I’ve thought about how I would write this post. Would I talk about the last few months? Would I organize it into sections? Do I write it for myself or for my readers? I decided to just write. Whatever comes out comes out.

I don’t have any pictures to share on this post. I have some print pictures but nothing digital that I’ve found. There were several good pictures at the wake/showing, whatever we called the day before the funeral where everyone gathered.

I was surprised at how strong I was during the wake. I spoke to her several times and cried several times. I spoke to people who came in, sharing about my time in PA and some of my favorite memories about living with memaw for a year my first year in grad school. She took me in practically rent-free. I kept her company and she cooked for me on occasion. I had a front row seat for the two quilts she was working on at the time and I played fetch with Babe in the back yard. My car stereo was stolen out of the Tracker on Halloween that year.

The wake was nice. I’ve been describing it as something between a family reunion and a vacation for Maggie and me. We drove down from PA in a rental and it was generally a pleasant experience, outside of the ridiculous toll on the PA turnpike. I got to visit with lots of old friends and family members I haven’t seen for a while. Considering how sketchy our holiday plans are since we’re so far away from everyone, it was nice to be able to visit with people and have a meal or two. Like I said, a family reunion with a funeral in the middle. It was kind of refreshing. The crying helped I think. We shared stories like when my aunts and uncles were young and how memaw handmade most of their clothes.

I remember when I was shorter, younger, and brasher, I was only a few inches taller than memaw, who was only 5’2″ anyway and I hugged her goodbye at the end of a visit. I was somewhere between middle school and high school, I think. Anyway, I hugged her around the waist like I always did and picked her up. Yeah, she reacted as you can expect. She swatted me with whatever was in her hand. I can’t remember what it was because I was laughing so hard. She warned me not to pick her up again, and I never did, but only because she asked nicely. I joked about that for years with her and occasionally threatened to pick her up again. I’ll never forget what that tiny, sweet, old woman told me one of those times:

“Eat shit, Jason.”

I can’t make this stuff up.

I talked with her a lot over the years and asked all sorts of questions about our heritage and her parents and papaw’s parents. She liked to talk about her brothers and sisters and I found out that she is German, making me 3/4 German, rather than the 1/2 I thought I was (I’m almost certain my papaw was French. Coryell is a French name). She told lots of stories and, as the years dragged on, retold lots of stories because she couldn’t remember which ones she’d told. I got into the habit of listening to each story as if it was the first time and asking questions so see if I could uncover new details.

We take trips to the farm in E-Town about twice a year, though my cousins and uncles go more frequently to hunt. We sit around the old house and talk about everything and the kids ride the 4-wheeler and motorcycle (ok, I ride them too). We build a big fire and look at the stars you can’t see from Louisville. We all sleep in tents and memaw would sleep in the house. We’d build a fire, usually a big one, and the adults would drink wine and beer and share stories of their childhood while the kids did their own thing, mostly unsupervised, within “hollerin’ distance” from the adults. Memaw would sit either on the porch or in a camp chair and just observe. She chatted up anyone who came by and we all brought her drinks and food like she was a queen. She wasn’t the center of attention, just not-so-stable on her legs. We’d let her sit comfortably and help her up and around when she wanted to get somewhere.

And she had this laugh. Anyone reading this who knows her just heard it in their head. It makes me smile. I can do a fair impression of it actually. I practiced as a kid. No joke. Think gravelly, like Marge Simpson’s voice, but 1-2 octaves higher. It’s a bit of an “aaaiiigh” or an enlongated “ha”, kind of a short howl, now that I think about it. It’s hard to describe. Ask me about it sometime and I’ll do it for you.

She is a treasure to this family. She and papaw were the people in the family that would give you the shoes off their feet and carry you through hard times. Papaw saved his pension and did well by memaw. She wanted for nothing after he passed. In fact, she helped several of us out financially from time to time and I can’t remember the last time she drove the old Ford Taurus. It’s been in one of her kids’ driveways (usually mom’s) for several years now. She passed these qualities down to her children, including my mother, and thus down to me. That’s family.

Thank you Gertie for everything. I’d list it all, but I don’t want to leave anything out.


I almost forgot about our quilts!

Memaw made a quilt for every grandbaby. She made several for others as well and some of us got additional quilts as the years went on. She also made a Kentucky quilt for my host family when I was in Germany. Anyway, all of these were hand-made. The early ones were more pattern-y than the later ones, but let me tell you the major difference between the two. The old ones, like mine and my brother’s quilts, were well worn. I used that thing until I physically outgrew it. Craig too. The newer ones were used, but not nearly as long from what I can tell. They’re much more displayable than mine, to be honest. She also made one that was a pattern like mine that had her and papaw’s names and their anniversary, and all of her children and grand children’s birthdays on it with scraps of the materials used in making the other quilts. That one gets passed around the family.

I actually do have pics of the quilt.

And that’s how I’ll end this post.

I love you memaw. Take care of papaw. I’ll come visit next time I’m in town.

Family Quilt with all of our names

My Square

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Mixed feelings over these two weeks. I really only paid attention to my Surly Goblin games because of my opponents. My grandmother passed away last week so I didn’t feel very fantasy footbally. Here’s the update.

Team Ramrod (4-1; 1/7)

Week 8: Clean win. My players just played well. Week 9: Bye week. Third in points this week. Also, apparently I’m in first place now AND I am the trophy leader. 🙂

West Chester Disasters (5-4; 6/10)

Week 8: Win. My QB and D/ST did a great job. Week 9: Loss, but not by much. Poor flex choice on my part and poor choice of starters on his. His bench nearly outscored me.

Bangup Job (1-8; 10/10)

Loss both weeks. Week 8 was a clean loss. Week 9 hurt. My opponent started 6 guys on bye and 1 guy on IR and I STILL lost! By a lot! Only 2 of my 19 starters scored double digits. Also, I benched 5 great players 😦 There’s a reason I changed my team name folks. At least all my fail is happening in one place.

No More Rowdy Friends (6-3; 3/12)

Week 8: Loss. Rolled the dice on the waivers and came up short. Week 9: Win. Several great performances. Enough said.

Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood (7-2; 1/10)

Week 8: Rough loss. Terrible bye week and several injuries. Also, it was Christian Ponder’s Neighborhood that week. I really could have used Rodgers. Week 9: Win. Great performances by several guys. Julio Jones had a great day and Patrick Peterson, one of my IDPs, returned a TD. Currently trophy leader with the “biggest win” trophy this week (316-152)

Schaden Freuds (7-2; 1/8)

Week 8: Clean win. A couple great performances to boot. Week 9: Loss. Benched some guys I should’ve started and gambled on Kevin Faulk and lost. I’m still the trophy leader in this league though.

Wideout Army (6-3; 3/10)

Week 8: Easy win. Dude didn’t update his lineup. Yawn. Week 9: Loss. Started a player who should have performed and didn’t (George Wilson, S) and benched a player who was projected low and performed fantastically (Julio Jones, WR). *sigh* First trophy this week for my win in Week 8.

Surly Goblins (3-6; 9/12)

Week 8: Win! Nice comeback win. I was projected to lose, but 3 players came to play. Sadly, Mike Tolbert (RB) did not and I got a big goose egg from him. Still won though. Week 9: Loss. I’m pretty damn pissed about this one. I played it like the pros would have though. This is where luck comes in. I started Roddy White over Julio Jones, because White’s a top 10 guy and Jones is a (talented) rookie. I started LeGarrette Blount over Mike Tolbert because Tolby’s coming off an injury and Blount was expected to whoop ass against the NO defense. I started Beanie Wells over Mario Manningham for the W/R slot, because, let’s face it, everyone but hardcore Manningham fans would have done that.

Let’s see. Jones outscored White by 20+ points, Tolbert outscored Blount by 14+ points, and Manningham outscored Wells by 6 points. I’m most upset about Tolbert vs. Blount because I changed my mind at the last minute on these guys. Wells vs. Manningham, that’s just a poor performance by Wells. White vs. Jones threw me though. Jones had a hell of a game. No one predicted that. Things just clicked. I’m left wishing I’d have started him.

The most frustrating thing about Week 9 is that I went up against the #1 team in our league and could have easily won. I lost by only 13 points, which is the difference between starting either Jones or Tolbert. I can’t be mad about it forever. It’s just a game, but I find myself frustrated at how little control over this I actually have. Funny that.

Overall (39-29; 58%)

Not bad. Downticked from my last post. Still holding in there. It looks pretty sad as far as playoffs for the one league I want to be in the playoffs in. The rest I’m either almost guaranteed or it’s foolish to hope.

Running Back Challenge

No progress. I did a lot of travelling last week due to the funeral. Running isn’t really on my mind at the moment. Thankfully, AP was on bye this week, so he didn’t rack things up for me. Currently 155/798, for 19%. I plan on running Friday. Maybe I’ll make a point of running tomorrow as well. Low motivation at the moment. Gonna post about my memaw in the next week or so. Gotta give some thought about what I want to say and really get to the place where I can type it all out.

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