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P90 Master Series

I started P90M a little early. I wanted to start it at the beginning of the week and at the beginning of the month, so I cut off the last few days of P90 to start early. Honestly, I was really tired of doing the same 2 routines for 6 weeks and I’m looking forward to more variety in P90M. Sadly, the first 3 weeks are still the same 2 routines (new to me though!). I’ve done both routines once and they’re going to take a bit of getting used to. There is slightly more yoga in this one and a lot more leg exercises (or at least more intense to me). I’m not expected to do thousands of pushups, but the ones I’m expected to do are (obviously) harder.

One thing that I really like about P90M is that I start the system (common in P90X) of setting small goals verbally during the workout. It is stressed to do what I can and not try to keep up with the video, which is good because I can’t keep up. Setting a goal of 8-12 or 10-15 or whatever varies a lot with these new workouts and I realize I’ve been doing more reps with fewer weights, which isn’t what I wanted (though it is easier in my opinion). The videos do a great job of telling me about how many reps are expected so I can set my own goals. This sort of system works for me. I do, however, need to buy a few things for this new workout. I need more weights because 10s aren’t doing it for me and I only have 1x 15lb. Also, I may get 2x 3lb weights for the shoulder exercises because the 5lb weights are brutal (right now I’m using canned goods instead of weights).

Abs are still killing me. I’ve actually skipped them a couple times, which isn’t helping my case. I’ve started altering when I do them and rarely do them directly after my workouts (usually because I’m really tired already). I’ve done them about 1hr before bed on a couple of occasions and this seems to be fine. Still working on setting up a routine that works for me, which has changed since Summer has changed my schedule.


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